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What is it all about 31 May 2022 in 16:51
Since Arc Games (Gearbox Publishing) announced the shutdown of the Forsaken world game servers, we decided to open our own Forsaken World server with the classic version on the Homecoming add-on with x1 rates.

Here you will not find a quick character leveling in one click We stick to the core principles of the official developers of Forsaken World (also known as Shenmo Wanmei).

We care. And we still feel there is room for FW to flourish and grow!

So, if you like the classic game as it was intended by the original developers, we will be glad to see you on our Forsaken World Classic server!
Forsaken World Classic - Game Client 30 May 2022 in 0:53
Game client is available for download!


Discord Community 28 May 2022 in 21:51
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